So I thought about making G.I. Joe somewhat more connected to the real world. Here is the synopsis:

In 2001, Cobra Command is responsible for the 9/11 terrorist hijackings that caused the fall of the World Trade Center. In the present year (2013), the U.S. and NATO intelligence agencies have been tracking down the people responsible after believing Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda as the real masterminds. A new Black Ops team is formed, codenamed G.I. Joe's. Certain people are selected, mainly from the U.S. Army, and are brought to the G.I. Joe Headquarters at Diego Garcia. They are tasked with stopping Cobra Command from delivering nuclear missiles to Yemen rebel forces and follow Cobra all the way back to Germany. They find nano warheads in a Cobra warehouse, but are unable to obtain them. They are then tasked with tracking down the location of the nano warheads and track them to Greece. They find a Cobra command post there and begin their assault on it. They are able to obtain the nano warheads while the rest make their way to apprehend Cobra Commander. They successfully do apprehend Cobra Commander and take him back to the United States. They put Cobra Commander in Guantanamo Bay and the Joe's return to HQ's, celebrating. In the epilogue, Cobra Commander escapes and the Joe's are called back into duty, tasked with hunting down Cobra Commander.

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