So I recently started creating this fictional series. It revolves around the main charcter/protagonist named Roman. Roman becomes an immortal by finding a ruby left behind by Oa the All Father centuries ago. Since Roman is an immortal, he serves either the king or queen who comes into power for the Kingdom of Thessia which takes place on a fictional mythological world. In the first one, he serves King Thanos and is tasked with preventing the people from the Slave Lands in the south across the Cursed Seas in taking White Gold Island. But he does venture in Thessia to look for items to help the kingdom prevail. Then in the second one, which uses medieval technology and weapons, he fights the Rogue Dragonriders from the land of Damalis. Then in the third one, he would fight the dwarves and elves from the Northern Lands. In the fourth one, he would fight the Darkness which is made up from the witches in the Dead Woods that plan to take their revenge on the kingdom. First one uses Roman Empire technology and weapons for the Kingdom of Thessia and the Slave Lands use a mix of Persian and Egyptian weapons and technology. Second one will be medieval weapons and technology for the Kingdom of Thessia and the fictional weapons and technology for both the elves and dwarves. The third will use Renaissance technology and weapons for both the Kingdom of Thessia and the Rouge Dragonriders. The fourth will be steampunk based for the Kingdom of Thessia. But all in all, the main character/protagonist for these stories is Roman.

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