Pop'n music 10 (ポップンミュージック 10) is a music simulation game by Konami released on November 18, 2004 on the PlayStation 2 exclusively in Japan. The visual theme of the game is "magic and fairy tales."


The arcade version of pop'n music 10's main feature was the inclusion of ideas requested by fans of the series. Some of the requests included a song by Guitar Freaks/drummania artist Asaki (who debuted in this game with his songs 幸せを謳う詩 and, in the arcade version, 明鏡止水). pop'n music 10 retains many of the features of the previous games, with several new features:

  • The LOW-Speed option makes its debut.

Unlock Game

The unlock game for pop'n music 10 depended on a slot machine-styled game, where the player presses the red button to make each of the 3 fields stop. If the 3 fields form certain phrases, a new song will be unlocked. The unlock game was infamous among fans for being unreasonably difficult and random.

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