What is PlayStation Plus ?

PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service that offers free games, major discounts, and exclusive downloads to customers for $49.99 a year. Every week, the service offers new freebies and cheap titles, giving away not just classic PlayStation games, but current-gen titles including big hitters like inFAMOUS and The Walking Dead.

Ps plus


The PlayStation Plus also offers you full game trials of popular retail and PlayStation Network games, which allows you to download a particular game in full and proceed to use it for an hour. You can however keep the game for an entire year before you commence your trial. The one-hour rule activates once the game has been launched. To continue with your game’s progress, you can purchase the game and you are hereby awarded trophies for the points earned, an option that is not usually available on the trial versions. As a PlayStation Plus subscriber you are supplied with a PlayStation Plus icon that is attached on your PlayStation Network ID.

PlayStation Plus service can only be subscribed through the PlayStation Store on a PlayStation 3(PS3). The PlayStation 3 system boasts of superb graphics. They are not only sharp and crisp but have also been tagged as almost perfect by the console’s enthusiasts. The games for the PlayStation 3 come in the BluRay DVD format that is capable of holding more information than the normal DVD. Other features that make the PS3 compatible with the PlayStation Plus service include the Wi-Fi connection that allows the user to not only surf the web but also play online games. Few aspects of gaming can beat the capability to play online. When playing online, you can compete with other gamers at no additional costs.
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US PlayStation Plus

  • Access a Library of Great Games.

PlayStation Plus gives you instant access to a library of hit games to download for free. Keep the games as long as you stay a member.

  • New Titles Arriving all the Time

The PlayStation Plus game library is updated every month with new titles, so you’ll always have something fun to play.

  • Exclusive Game Betas, Demos, and Features

Get access to 1GB of online game saves, automatic system updates, priority beta invites, early access to demos, and full game trials. With PlayStation Plus,you’ll always have access to the best that PlayStation  has to offer.

  • Free Games Available Through PlayStation Plus

inFAMOUS  2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Ratchet & Clank : All 4 One

  • Instant Game Collection

Your Instant Game Collection PlayStation Plus is the premium membership service for PSN that delivers an instant game collection all for less than $5 a month.

PS features - Playstation plus

PS+ features - Playstation plus

PlayStation Plus Features (in short)

  • Instant Game Collection (Free Games)
  • Game Discounts (40-50% off, often)
  • Early Access to Some Demos
  • Beta Access
  • Cloud Storage
  • Automatic Patching/Firmware-Updates
  • 1-Hour Free Access to Full Games

Special Offers:

Get special offers on PlayStation Store including free game downloads, discounts on games and add-ons, early access to select demos and games, and exclusive PlayStation Plus offers. All free games and add-ons are yours to keep and play the entire time you are a PS Plus subscriber


  • PS4  PSplus isnt free.

Monthly PlayStation Plus Updates

As it usually happens every month, the PS Plus Service gets updated with new content offered for free for all subscribers, together with new sales and discounts on PS3, PSP and PS Vita titles, as well as discounts on DLC packs.

EU PlayStation Plus Update (April 2013)

US PlayStation Plus April Update Rejoices Subscribers

Entering PS Plus in April (in no particular order)

Leaving PS Plus In April

Should mention that you only own these games as long your PlayStation Plus subscription is active. With the influx of new Playstation Plus games and now movies are finally coming to PS+ service with association with EPIX , keeping the subscription active is a no brainer.For consumers, it sure looks like Sony is offering the better deal.



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