Nicktoons Movin(Know as Spongebob Squarepants movin with Friends in Europe)is a video game for the PlayStation 2. In Nicktoons Movin’, the player will watch as Template:Link and Template:Link host the game, but alongside mini games influenced by the Template:SBSP cartoon series, the player will find some influenced by Jimmy Neutron, Rocket Power, Danny Phantom and Fairy OddParents. They are all inspired by an episode in the cartoon series, a part of which is shown prior to the mini game in order to set it up. The game includes 1 mini game inspired by these series. They can be played in three difficulty modes and the change is readily apparent as the difficult mode (Jimmy, a nod to Jimmy Neutron’s genius kid) is much more involved than Patrick (the easy mode).

Mini games

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Bikini Bottom Bowling (The player will need to control a bowling ball down an alley)
  • Boating Madness (The player will control SpongeBob’s boat as he goes through a variety of obstacles)
  • Jellyfish Jam (The player will need to slap a number of jellyfish as they appear onscreen)
  • Krabby Patty Match (The player will need to match up ingredients as they appear onscreen)

Fairly OddParents

  • Fairly Odd Invasion (The player will need to control a metal ball to destroy a number of invading creatures)
  • Fishbowl Frenzy (The player will need to repair a number of cracks in a fish tank by hovering over them)
  • Magical Mix Up (The player will need to “manually” rearrange pieces to fit a puzzle)

Danny Phantom

  • Ghost Catcher (Has The player eliminating ghosts that appear onscreen by capturing them)
  • Portal Party (The player will manually control Danny as he then destroys ghosts that appear onscreen)

Jimmy Neutron

  • Deflect-O-Matic (The player will need to keep swatting atoms back by moving your hands over the section that it will hit)
  • Deep Sea Danger (The player will control Jimmy’s submarine as it gets through a sidescrolling level)

Rocket Power

  • Hanging Out (Where The player will need to control a glider as it gets through a number of rings)
  • Rocket Hockey (Has The player blocking hockey pucks back)


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