Lego batman cover

Lego Batman Cover

Lego Batman: The Video Game is a game developed by Traveller's Tales. The game was released on September, 23, 2008. The game was released on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and a couple other platforms. All the characters and landscapes are made out of Lego like any other Lego game.


The Lego Batman Game is very similar to most other Lego games. The Players are able to fight from land, air, and sea using Batman, Robin and villain-controlled vehicles. Some of the vehicles used in the game are the Batmobile, Batboat and Batwing. There are also some new features in the game such as swimming underwater, picking up and carrying characters, and walking on tightropes. Some of the characters have special abilities such as the Joker being able to attack enemies and activate machines with a joy buzzer, the Penguin is able to glide over gaps with his umbrella, Catwoman can attack foes with a whip in a similar fashion to Indy from Lego Indiana Jones, and Killer Croc can punch enemies with such force that they fly off-screen. Both Batman and Robin have costumes similar to the animated TV shows and both of them can switch costumes (called suits). Batman starts in his grey suit and can change later into: *rocket/gray suit
  • sonic/blue suit
  • bat bomb/grey suit
  • shadow/black suit

Robin can wear a:

  • technology/red-yellow suit
  • dive/red-blue suit
  • magnetic/red-grey suit
  • gravity suit

If you find any of the suits you may buy them in the hub (the Batcave) and then later use them in free play mode.

Once you finish a level in story mode that level will be unlocked in 'Freeplay Mode'. In Freeplay Mode you can go into nooks and crannies using characters that you have been unlocked before. The Playstation 3 offers 720p and 1080p displays.


The Lego Batman game is about Batman and his sidekick Robin fighting crime and villainy in Gotham. Batman's enemies have escaped and have divided up into three groups. They are led by a very well-known villain. The villains go around doing evil deeds. There are 36 levels and some secret levels. One of the secret levels is "Wayne Manor". The hub for the levels is the Batcave. Some of the places you can play are an Ice Cream Factory, a Garden Center, the Gotham Sewers, and Gotham's seedy underbelly.

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